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"Dan Phillips is an exciting creative force, his attention to detail combined with his distinctive creative flair always produces innovative and electric performances"

Eleri Thomas - Musical Director

Musicality Academy of Performing Arts




"Dan Phillips has displayed a penetrating eye for detecting script weaknesses and providing insights for structural improvement. His stagecraft is inspired but disciplined. And he has a great rapport with actors and creative crew which draws out the best in them".

 Chuck Anderson - Writer/Producer

Random Thoughts Limited


"Dan is the special kind of director that gives an actor equal freedom to create their own characters whilst pushing them every single day. He’s a brilliant man to work with"

Jake Benson - Actor

"Dan Phillips approaches the work in the best way possible, allowing the actor the freedom to explore without losing sight of his directorial vision."

Ralph Bogard - Actor

"Dan is an incredibly collaborative worker, with a great understanding of both writers and actors, who I would heartily recommend. With dramaturg experience as well he is especially great with new writing."

Andrew Davies - Writer/Producer

"'Dan is one of the most empathetic directors I've ever worked with. His approach to textual analysis is clinical, but his rehearsal rooms are more akin to a playground.    With Dan you feel safe to play, that's everything.'"

Chris York - Writer/Actor

"Dan was a fun and committed collaborator who worked hard to make what could have been a static play a piece of energetic theatre while retaining the intensity of the subject matter."

Dave Hendon - Writer




"I have worked with Dan Phillips on several occasions and every show

he has directed for me has gone on to receive critical acclaim. He is a

pleasure to work with and always delivers."

Jamie Chapman Dixon - Producer